Pune being a home to art, culture, education has always fascinated the folks all over the world. The City is moving towards bright future along with its noble history and proud present. The proactive approach by Punkers has bolstered the advancement of art and culture together in the city!

We are aware of the fact that any government body doesn’t work alone. It works hand in hand with citizens. Pune Municipal Corporation, as a governing of body of Pune, has always strived to enrich the life of each Punekar by enhancing the quality of service delivery.

Pune Municipal Corporation believes that citizen collaboration and engagement are the key factors for the success of responsive governance. With an aim to bring civic administration one step closer to Punekars, PMC had provided multiple channels for citizen interaction under PMC CARE framework. CARE stands for Citizen Assistance Response and Engagement.

Now, PMC is introducing an advanced version of this digitally driven citizen-centric initiative i.e. PMC CARE 2.0.


What is PMC CARE 2.0?

PMC CARE 2.0 provides various collaboration tools for citizens to have a dialogue with Pune Municipal Corporation and single window access to the arena of services offered by PMC through its web portal www.pmccare.in and the mobile app.

What’s new about it?
One of the great French Writers Victor Hugo has said that “What leads and drags the world are not machines, but ideas”

PMC CARE 2.0 invites your potential ideas supporting the development of Pune city through the collaboration tool Share & Discuss Idea. We are curious to know your ideas for the betterment of the city. We shall try our best to implement the ideas!

Pune holds a strong legacy to voice their opinion from the days before India achieved independence. Punekars have always explicitly conveyed their opinions. Now, you are invited to participate in Discussion Forums and share your take on the civic issues. You may also begin your own discussions to exchange the views with fellow citizens.

PMC CARE 2.0 aims to draw the attention of people towards various schemes and services of PMC and also wish to know their feedback through Polls/Surveys. You can also form communities through a tool Join a Community and associate with fellow citizens who share similar interests. You may also support various social initiatives and campaigns through Volunteering activities.

What about complaints?
Now anyone can register their complaint through desktops. PMC CARE 2.0 has provided a new feature to Just log on to PMC CARE 2.0 and describe your complaint to us. Your complaint will be processed immediately and also track its status through the dashboard.

What else you’ll get here?
An access to the birth record and death records in your area. Also, get property tax NOC, zone certificates and make self-assessment for property tax!

Considering the trends of the new generation, PMC has provided the GPS based facility to track the location of public offices and facilities such as like heritage sites, blood bank, public toilets, garbage bins in your area through PMC CARE 2.0.

Come and contribute to the betterment of our Pune.