Pune has witnessed the rapid industrial and infrastructural development in the last decade. This has also caused the problem of traffic congestion in last few years. The use of public transport has been encouraged to tackle this issue.

Pune Cycle plan is being discussed as a prominent supplementary solution for public transport system. The goal of this plan is to improve the connectivity in the city, resolve the traffic issues and make Pune healthy in true sense.

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It’s no secret that cycling makes you healthier and physically fit. Research shows that it also sharpens your thinking and helps you to manage stress. It also gives you an opportunity to maintain environmental health along with your own health simultaneously.

To make the infrastructure favorable to cyclists in the city, Pune Municipal Corporation has prepared the preliminary draft of the Pune Cycle Plan after extensive surveys and consultations with stakeholders. It is intended to create safer and friendlier ecosystem for bicycle riders through Pune Cycle Plan.

Making Pune Healthy And Pollution Free

The plan proposes to set up separate Bicycle Department at Pune Municipal Corporation. It also proposes cycle network of 470 km, public bicycle system, regulation and enforcement, promotion and public awareness, Monitoring etc. It is much important to understand the public priorities, opinions and suggestions while implementing this plan.

Citizens are requested to share their views till 30 September 2017.

Kindly submit your response about preliminary draft plan, using the online form on the Pune Cycle Plan website here: http://goo.gl/forms/8gZu3p5pESm0gx1g1

Please visit the Pune Cycle Plan website to see the proposals: http://punecycleplan.wordpress.com/

Cycle network map:


Public bicycle System, proposed stations: https://punecycleplan.wordpress.com/preliminary-draft/

Your inputs will help us understand the public priorities for cycling improvement in Pune city.

Thank you!

To know more about the Pune Cycle Plan Project and related procedures, please contact the following:

Pune Cycle Plan
Department of Traffic
Pune Municipal Corporation
Third floor, Veer Savarkar Bhavan,
Shivajinagar, Pune 411 005
E-mail: punecycleplan@gmail.com, punecycleplan@punecorporation.org