Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) is a program by Government of India to transfer subsidies directly to the people through their bank accounts. It is hoped that crediting subsidies into bank accounts will reduce leakages, delays, etc. With this initiative, the benefit or subsidy will be directly transferred to citizens living below poverty line. The goal is to bring transparency and terminate pilferage from distribution of funds sponsored by Central Government of India.

A half  day workshop was conducted at PMC premises, Digital Lab Ghole Road on 7th February 2017. The objective was to ideate on the implementation of Direct Benefit Transfers(DBT) at PMC. Hon’ble Commissioner Mr. Kunal Kumar has set the tone for the workshop by explaining the vision behind conceptualizing Aadhar and benefits of using it as an identification mechanism while issuing benefits to citizens.

Further to this, Mr. Sumnesh Joshi, Asst. Director General, UIDAI explained in detail the nitty-gritties involved in adopting Aadhar identification mechanism to government departments.

PMC Employee Engagement Workshop
Hon. Commissioner (PMC) Shri. Kunal Kumar at the Direct Benefit Transfers Workshop

He highlighted the usual pain points while adapting direct benefit transfers and shared some best practices to overcome them. Mr. Rajesh Jagtap, Addl. Commissioner, PMC concluded the workshop by laying down the road map for DBT implementation and stressed on the need to embrace this initiative. The workshop was attended by Head of Departments from PMC, members of IT department, PwC SPOCs and Project Manager.

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