Pune was recently awarded Platinum Certificate (ISO 37120) by World Council on City Data in Mumbai, the highest certification offered by the organization. With this achievement, Pune has securing its place among global cities of the world.

Pune Receives WCCD Platinum Certificate
                               Pune Receives WCCD Platinum Certificate

Read on as we explore more about this certification and the issuing organization.

What is World Council City Data (WCCD):
According to the official website of WCCD,
“Discovering solutions for our rapidly urbanizing planet, the World Council on City Data (WCCD) is the global leader in standardized city data – creating smart, sustainable, resilient, and prosperous cities.”

WCCD City Data for India:

With an aim to improve life quality of people residing in urban, infrastructure services and overall prosperity, WCCD began “City Data for India” Initiative which is a joint initiative of the Tata Trusts.

The goal of this initiative is to empower the city decision makers so as to improve overall city planning, infrastructure investment and operational performance management that are based on utilizing the ISO standardized city data.

WCCD Certification Levels:

WCCD offers five certifications:

  • Aspirational
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
World Counil City Data Awarded to Pune
                                         WCCD Certification Categories

Once a city is certified, it receives certificate from WCCD along with entry into WCCD Global City registry and access to open data portal of WCCD (just like PMC has its own similar portal).

WCCD ISO 37120 Certification Process:
The process through which cities can gain this certification has been shown below:

Awarding WCCD Certification:
The WCCD certification granted based on set of factors (called Indicators). Total number of indicators is 100; 46 core and 54 supporting. These indicators are based around following themes:

Pune Gets WCCD Platinum Certificate
                                       WCCD Platinum Certificate Indicators

Below  are some images from the event

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As Pune aims to become to be among best smart cities in the world, the WCCD ISO 37120 Platinum certification couldn’t have come at a better time.