About Speaking Walls Project:

Speaking Walls is an initiative by Pune Municipal Corporation to beautify walls of Pune city through creative art. It was launched by Honorable Mayor of Pune Shri. Prashant Jagtap along with Honorable Municipal Commissioner Shri. Kunal Kumar.

The objective is to enhance visual character of Pune city with the help of creative interventions in terms of artwork on selected walls in Pune. This overarching aim will be achieved by accomplishing following objectives.

1. To give an identity to the city with the help of visual arts.
2. To visualize city as a platform for engagement and artistic expressions of stakeholders
3. To convert city walls into interactive art galleries open for all.

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With guidance of the honorable Pune Municipal Commissioner, the project will be funded through sponsorships, resources, mobilized from corporate social responsibility and active participation of stakeholders.

Under the projects about wall surfaces at 40 locations will be painted through crowd sourcing, art teachers & students, youth from colleges, school children, senior citizens and those in the vicinity of selected locations.

PMC will provide necessary permissions, requests for permissions from other government agencies and facilitate participation of society at large.

About Pune Biennale Foundation:
Joining hands with PMC in this initiative is Pune Biennale Foundation. It is an organization that has been working for promotion of visual aesthetics in the city. Through its flagship activity, the organization has created several public art projects which included several painted city walls with public participation.

The organization will curate the entire Speaking Walls project which includes identification of walls, artists, themes, materials and accomplishing the stated goals of beautifying the city. As necessary, the foundation will share information regarding development and accomplishment of the project with PMC team led by the honorable Commissioner.

Your Role As Pune Citizens:
We believe that you, as Pune citizens, are an important stakeholder who can contribute in this project and therefore request you to kindly cooperate with the Pune Biennale Foundation team in successful accomplishment of this project.

Your contribution may come in different forms such as sponsorships, managing, venues closer to your enterprise, offering volunteer support, encouraging participation etc. The nature of your involvement shall be worked out in consultation with Pune Biennale Foundation. It will be duly recognized. We look forward to your encouraging support to this creative event.

Speaking Walls project contact details:
1. Dr. Kiran Shinde,
Managing Director,
Pune Biennale Foundation,
91/234A, Sanjay Park, Airport road,
Telephone: 919011088967
Email: info@punebiennale.in
Website: http://www.punebiennale.in

2. Shyam Dhavale,
Executive Engineer,
Heritage Department,
Pune Municipal Corporation,
Shivajinagar, Pune-411005
Email: heritagecell212@gmail.com

In addition to this, Pune Municipal Corporation has already launched online services for Pune citizens at: rts.punecorporation.org and you can know more about it here.

We look forward to active participation from you to make city a smart cultural city.

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