Property tax is a levy issued by government on a person’s real or personal property. The property is assessed to give it a value, and then annual rateable value is taxed. The amount of tax owed is determined by multiplying the fair market value of the property by the current tax rate.

Property tax is a levy on property that the owner is required to pay. The tax is levied by the governing authority of the jurisdiction in which the property is located; it may be paid to a national government, a federated state, a county/geographical region, or a municipality.

Properties liable to be taxed:

  • Residential house (self-occupied or let out)
  • Office Building
  • Factory Building
  • Godowns
  • Flats
  • Shops

Property tax department’s services & initiatives:

  • Self assessment of properties:

PMC Property tax department has provided their citizens with the ability to evaluate their property tax liability & pay the same over website& mobile, much in the way how an income tax return is filed. Citizens can fill the self-assessment property tax details online & calculate the tax on their own based on the rates decided by the PMC. Any malafide intentions in the process are verified by the department & in the case of discrepancies a penalty is charged to the applicant.  Allowance of public intervention has streamlined underlying process of notice & warrant generation.

  • Billing

Details such as: email id, phone no. etc. for each assessed property owner is maintained & updated in the department database. This information helps Property tax department to intimate users for billing. The department uses channels like SMS, Emails, print media like newspaper, pamphlets, banner hoardings & radio channels, etc. for citizen communication.

  • Recovery

The department has come out with lots of initiatives & schemes to streamline the recovery process workflow:

  • Amnesty – Under this scheme, tax defaulters list is generated & monitored by the department. The department allows the defaulters to settle the tax within their defined timeline. This scheme allows defaulters to avail as much as 75% discount on the total penalty amount, if paid during the defined timeline.
  • Band Baja – As a part of this initiative, a band plays putside the defaulter’s property for recovery of property tax.
  • Online Payment – The department has integrated with banks such as: ICICI, SBI and Bank of Maharashtra for property tax payment by citizens. For have been added to the list to scale the citizen payment portfolio

The provision to extract NOC certificate online by the citizens that was earlier provided as paid service, has been now made free to the citizens.