So far we know what the Smart City Mission aims to do and how the Smart City Pune project will begin rolling out its developmental plan. Let us now try to understand the various projects that are already underway and have been launched in the city and also those projects that are conceptually approved to launch soon.

Pune Smart City
Smart City: A Better Future & Better Life

Physical Infrastructure

This is by far one of the most important aspects of the Smart Cities Mission. In Pune there are big plans, some of which are already underway to ensure seamless smooth transportation and interconnectivity. Right from redesigning of streets, redesigning and paving usable footpaths, improving and making new bus stops, junction redesigning, promoting non-motorized transport like walking and cycling, BRTS, Metro and more.

Smart Safety and Security for the Citizens

As cities continue to grow in number, size, and complexity, their infrastructure and services come under increasing stress. Keeping cities safe is critical; safe cities attract the investments, businesses, and skilled labour necessary for economic growth and development. By applying smart security in the city, the system will help law enforcement monitor public areas, analyze patterns, and track incidents and suspects, enabling quicker response. By combining information from video surveillance cameras, social media, citizen reports, and other sensors, the solution provides a richer view of urban safety.

River Cleanup & beautification

Rivers of Pune suffer from severe pollution, dumping of garbage, release of untreated sewage and effluents and several other sources of pollution. A three pronged approach will be taken up to beautify the river including massive cleaning efforts to remove weeds and garbage, building sufficient sewage treatment capacity so that untreated sewage is not discharged and use of river cleaning technologies (such as root-zone technology).

Affordable Housing

The Smart City Plan proposes to make Pune slum-free by 2025 by constructing 20,000 affordable houses every year, for the next 10 years. This will ensure that the development of the city is inclusive and does not render the poor homeless. As the first step to this, in the ABB area, 300-400 affordable houses will be built at the cost of INR40Cr by December, 2020.

Customer Care and Grievance Unit         

All the services proposed for water consumers in the smart city proposal – online billing, website, IVR, smart metering etc will come together in the consumer center which be the single point of contact for grievances, enquiries, billing information and payment.

 Start up zone

The Besides the strong presence of the IT sector, Pune also boasts of being one of the favorite destinations for tech start-ups in the country. As per the 2015 NASSCOM report, Pune accounts for 6 percent of all start-ups in India. On these lines, PMC has identified an area to develop a start-up zone in ABB, which would help to create a culture of innovation and promote mixed-use development. An initial roadmap has already been drawn for the 8-acre Start-up zone, to be created in the identified area in the ABB region. This would also create at least 40,000 to 45,000 jobs which will be the catalyst for mixed-use development across Pune and promote walk-to-work.

Transit Hub

There is no mass transit system in Pune. To facilitate long distance commute, a multi-modal transit hub will be created at the entry point to Pune in ABB. It will have a capacity to accommodate 100 buses. This will be developed by the SPV on a PPP model by November, 2018.

Pune Smart City Transport
Smart City: Smart Transportation

The operating model for the same would include the MSRTC charting out the routes operating out of the transit hub and managing the operations of inter-state & inter-city buses, PMPML managing the operations of buses (BRT, feeder), while the SPV will be the umbrella body coordinating between PMC, PCMC & PMPML. A 10-acre Octroi Naka land has been identified which will be used to develop the transit hub, a start-up hub and a multi-level car parking besides the commercial complexes in the area.