In June 2015 last year, the Smart Cities Mission was launched across the country. Ever since then, we have all become familiar with the term ‘Smart City’. We have all read it or heard about it through various sources. Let’s take a step further and find out what is planned for Punekars in the Pune Smart City. How will the work begin? Who will undertake it? What will be the common man’s role in it?

Pune Smart City
Towards A Better And Smart Pune

Like all of the chosen Smart Cities, Pune Smart City too will progress in stages. There will be two parts to the development plans- one will be the Pan City Development which will cover all of Pune and the other will be Local Area Development. As of now, the region of Baner, Balewadi and Aundh has been selected for the Local Area Development plan where all of the pilot projects will be tested out. Once these projects are approved as successful, they will be implemented across the city as well.

A separate Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited team has been appointed under the Central Government to plan and oversee all activities related to the mission along with the Pune Municipal Corporation.

However, it is not possible to have a functioning smart city without the active participation of the citizens. And as such the first and foremost feature of a smart city is that it constantly adapts its strategies incorporating views of its citizens to bring maximum benefit for all. And this includes embracing the unique characteristics of the city and its people. A Smart City celebrates and promotes its own unique identity and culture.

With the help of the citizens, various industries, NGOs and other organisations, Pune Smart City will focus on the following core issues. However, they are not limited to these and would be adapted to include much more work as need be-

  1. Sustained Livelihood Center
  2. Slum Rehabilitation Project
  3. Street and Pedestrian Walkway
  4. MI-City Common Mobility
  5. Vehicle Health Monitoring
  6. Public Transport Command Center
  7. Passenger Information System-Mobile
  8. Traffic Demand Modelling System
  9. Alternative Fuel Bus Technologies
  10. Pune Maximum Solar City
  11. Plastic Bottle Recycling Project
  12. PMC Care Grievance Redressal System
  13. Quantified City Movement
  14. MoVe (Garbage Vehicle Tracker)

To know more about these issues and their scope of work, visit our website or connect with us on Facebook and twitter. Looking forward to your active participation in all our activities!