Pune is one of the major metropolitan cities of Maharashtra with population of more than 5 million. To administer a city of such a size it becomes imperative that information is made available to people at their fingertip by the governing authority, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC)

There is an urgent need in improving the way information is delivered to citizens using modern day methods and processes.

Given the trend of digitization that is currently taking place across India as a part of Digital India initiative by Government of India, Pune Municipal Corporation too is also taking steps in this direction.

PMC E-governance training for employees
Digital is the future

One of these is running training programs for manpower to equip them with required skills which would result in a digitally literate manpower. In other words, making them digital literate so that they become equipped with skills to tackle challenges of today and future.

Digital Literacy is an integral part of having a Smart City, as one cannot have a Smart City without smart citizens. In order to be able to fully benefit from the advantages of a Smart City, one need to be able to interact with digital devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones.

One such program called “E-governance Training” was conducted on 9th May 2016.

What is E-governance training program?

It is a training program specially tailored to meet the needs of its employees. The objective of the training program is to orient the PMC workforce to the demands of a modern urban environment, by training them on conceptual and practical aspects of Information and Communication Technology.

Digital Literacy initiative by PMC
E-governance training conducted by PMC

Concepts such as e-governance and m-governance are explained with examples and hands-on exercises, and the students are trained to work with productivity applications such as MS Office, email tools and e-governance applications of the PMC.

In addition, the PMC has set up a state of the art Training Facility, complete with lecture halls and digital labs to train its employees.

Below are some more photos from the training program.

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As we move into digital age, being digital literate is not only a need but also a necessity to become future proof.

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